The MobileRefunds Dashboard

Image of MobileRefund's dashboard

Simple single refunds

MobileRefunds allows you to make singular refunds instantly.

Simply enter the amount you wish to be refunded, the name of the brand sending the money, and the mobile number you’d like the money refunded to, and you’ll be good to go.

You can also add a custom reference, to help make life that little bit easier when reconciling your refunds at the end of the month.

Before sending the refund, you’ll be able to preview the recipient’s confirmation text message. Then, just click confirm. It’s as easy as that.

However, sending a single refund isn't all you can do...

Brilliant bulk refunds

To save you time, you can process a bulk refund using MobileRefunds. There’s no limit as to how many refunds you can send at once.

To begin, please download our handy template. Then, upload your completed CSV file to our secure server to process multiple refunds at once.

You’ll be able to preview each individual recipient’s confirmation text message. Once you're happy, simply click ‘Confirm all’ to send all of your refunds at once – done!

Now, about keeping track of your history...

Keeping tabs on the past

Keeping track of your account history has never been easier.

Our dashboard will show a record of each individual refund you process, allowing you to filter transactions by date and status.

If you need to provide evidence of a consumer's refund, you can download a PDF confirmation which can then be passed on to the consumer, mobile operator or the PSA.

And finally, let's talk security...

Staying super secure

Safety and security should always be prioritised when handling finances online. That is why we recommend adding an extra layer of security to your MobileRefunds account.

From our dashboard, you can enable two-factor authentication at any time. This allows you to further validate your identity through the use of your mobile phone, to make sure you stay super secure.