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Making mobile refunds instant.

We offer an exciting way for premium rate refunds to be made directly to the consumer.

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In a fast-paced society, modern consumers expect immediate refunds.

Using our crediting technology, merchants can now make singular or bulk refunds of up to £30 straight to the recipient.

We’re working directly with mobile network operators to provide a service that any merchant can use with ease. Best of all, the consumer doesn't have to lift a finger – our refunds put money directly back on to a phone bill.

Once a refund has been processed, the recipient receives a confirmation text and the amount will appear automatically on their bill. It really is that simple!

Meeting regulatory standards

As the regulator of premium rate services, the PSA’s 14th Code of Practice states that refunds must be provided promptly and in an easily accessible manner.

So, we're making this process as straightforward and smooth as possible, for both you and the consumer.

Proof of refund

If you need to provide evidence of a consumer's refund, you can download a PDF confirmation which can then be passed on to the consumer, mobile operator or the PSA.

Confirmation of refund

Consumers will receive their refund without having to do a thing. But in the case of any queries, their refund confirmation text will provide them with your helpline number, so that these can be solved quickly and easily.

14th Code of Practice

Level 2 providers must ensure that consumers of their services are able to have complaints resolved quickly, easily and fairly and that any redress is provided quickly and easily.

Where refunds are provided to consumers, they must be provided promptly and in an easily accessible manner.

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